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24M - stoner, loner, coder & grower

Hey all. I'm a guy from the Netherlands. You know the drill, some things about me:
I recently bought a house and I'm turning it into a homestead. My rule is that everything I spent a lot of money on, I have to grow/make myself. I've built 3 raised beds and a super makeshift greenhouse. Warm weather just hit, so everything is slowly emerging from the ground now, in 2 weeks it should look completely filled up.
I'm self employed, except I'm not registered anywhere so maybe I'm actually unemployed. I trade forex to finance myself while building up my farm. I've worked as a quant (trader and coder) for a dutch and canadian company, but most of my knowledge I got from analyzing the bitcoin market as a hobby.
I've been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder, which is sad. I got bullied as a kid and my parents mostly ignored me. When puberty hit I got really depressed and started actively avoiding people. I kept that up until my 20's, when I started therapy. I'm not in therapy anymore, I don't think individual therapy offers me anything anymore. I'm on a waiting list to join a social anxiety exposure group, but I'm waiting for corona to end. I have real life friends now, but I've never really had a girl friend, which I'm very insecure about.
I am and always have been a hardcore science freak and atheist. Although with therapy I also found myself getting more and more spiritual. I'm trying to figure out what place I should put this new "thing" in my head. So far shamanism seems to vibrate the most with me, paganism would be a good second choice.
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The GOOD VIBRATION Forex trading Process

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